Small Animal Dental Health Care

Why animal dentistry?

One of the most common reasons for pets to "act old" isn't old age, it is pain from dental disease.

  • Most dogs and cats over age five have at least one painful tooth in their mouth
  • Approximately 70% of dogs and cats are in need of some level of dental care
  • 80% of dogs and cats over three yeas of age have periodontal disease.  It's the most commonly diagnosed medical condition in dogs and cats
  • 80% of cats over 5 years of age have at least one painful cavity near (or under) the gum line

Why Choose Us?

Your dog or cat can't tell you when they're in pain. Occasionally, there are signs such as odor, bleeding, or pawing at the face.  They may also have altered eating or playing behaviors, but in most instances there are no obvious signs; your pet has to deal with the pain and simply act older. It is our job to diagnose and treat dental diseases.  We are very passionate about your pet's well-being and the painful conditions with which they might be dealing.

Individual Treatment

Treatment for dental diseases varies from pet to pet and should be assessed after dental x-rays and careful consideration of your pet's age, breed, and the individual circumstances.  We will work with you to select a treatment method that will achieve the best results.  Abilene Animal Hospital has the most up-to-date equipment, which allow us to ensure the best possible outcome.  Anesthetic safety is a priority.  Our well-trained staff and sophisticated monitoring equipment allows us to provide general anesthesia at a very high level of safety.