Equine Services

Drs. Murray and Rankin provide the expertise to serve you and your horses.

We provide a full range of services including:

  • Reproductive management including breeding soundness examinations for mares and stallions, reproductive ultrasound imaging for ovulation prediction and pregnancy detection, uterine culture and biopsy
  • Artificial insemination of fresh, chilled, or frozen semen
  • Stallion collection
  • Shipping fresh and chilled semen
  • Diagnostic laboratory services including foal IgG SNAP, complete blood panels, Coggins
  • Lameness evaluation and radiology services
  • Pre-purchase examination
  • Routine surgical procedures e.g. cryptorchid, hernia repair, laceration repair
  • Pneumatic dentistry
  • Preventative health services including wellness week which offers owners significant discounts on all equine vaccine, dewormer, and preventative health care services