Monday, 18 July 2011
Welcome to the maiden voyage of our AAH blog!

When we initially set out to update our woefully outdated AAH website, we were asked, “Do you want to have a blog or not?”  Our initial reaction was “NO!”  Who has time to write a blog; that is just for unemployed writers and narcissistic celebrities, isn’t it?  I mean, we are veterinarians busy saving pet animals’ lives and stomping out disease and pestilence in the food supply chain!  We don’t have time to sit down with pen and paper and reflect on our innermost thoughts as they relate to veterinary medicine.  We are scientists by trade.  None of us got a degree in journalism; Dr. Gose’s wife is an English teacher, that’s about as close as it gets for us.

However, as we researched other websites and blogs and launched our own Facebook page, we realized that a blog is a great way to get information out to our clients on a wide assortment of veterinary-related topics without the expense (and wait time) of printing and mailing.  It is also a way to get timely information out about newsworthy topics that clients are already calling us about because they are concerned about their pets or their livestock.  And finally, it is a great way for you, our clients, to give us direct feedback, ask for more information, or even suggest new topics of interest related to the veterinary world.  So it seems, either we are still at the puppy stages of our careers or you really can teach some old dogs new tricks.  You decide.

We hope you will join us on this adventure as we set sail on this sea of electronic information.  We hope to bring you information worth reading and we look forward to gaining insight from your comments back to us.  Although we are still anchored deep in the world of veterinary medicine, with its anatomy books, endocrine cycles and sterile surgical environments; we are bobbing on the surface of this ocean of information on the web.  We will promise nothing but a place to harbor if you are looking for practical, and hopefully timely, information about your pets and livestock.  To climb aboard, just friend us on Facebook and visit our new and improved website at  Bon voyage!

Posted on 07/18/2011 5:11 PM by Lisa Tokach
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