Tuesday, 25 November 2014
Thanks for the Thankless Jobs: Part 2
clear't get me wrong, I love Walt Disney.  His creativity, imagination, and perseverance have inspired many across the globe.  He hasn't, however, done the dog catcher any favors.  From Lady and the Tramp to 101 Dalmatians, Disney not only vilified the dog catcher, but made him out to be of below average intelligence.

This week, during our week of thanking those who do the thankless jobs, we'd like to set the record straight.  First off, the term "dog catcher" is antiquated and inappropriate.  The correct term is Animal Control Officer.  Secondly, most Animal Control Officers, especially ours, have gigantic hearts and care very much for the animals they are assigned to control.  Thirdly, Animal Control Officers must know a great deal about animal behavior, public safety risks, and animal safety and welfare making them very intelligent indeed.

Our Animal Control Officer for Abilene is Mr. Mike Ragsdale.  He does a fantastic job of handling stray animals with the utmost care.  We enjoy working with him and certainly consider him "one of the good guys".  Perhaps Disney Studios will contact him if they are considering making a movie with a big-hearted, smart, and lovable Animal Control Officer.

Thanks for all you do Mike Ragsdale!

Posted on 11/25/2014 4:23 PM by Lisa Tokach, DVM
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