Date: 30/03/2023
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Thanks for the Thankless Jobs: Part 3

In the third and final of our series "Thanks for the Thankless Jobs", we'd like to thank our men in brown.  You guessed it, the UPS men.  We count on these guys daily to deliver the supplies we need to keep our businesses running.  For us this means medicines, vaccines, bandages, and surgical supplies. For other businesses it means the many other things we all need to keep everything running smoothly.  We also count on them for picking things up which includes all sorts of samples going to various laboratories so we can get the results we need to make important medical decisions.

We appreciate these guys being our lifeline to everywhere beyond Abilene.  We also want to thank them for the countless times they have waited "just a minute" while we package up that one last sample to go out that day.  They deliver the goods when it is sweltering hot, raining, snowing, or whatever Mother Nature has to dish out. On this Cyber Monday, we wanted them to know how important they are to us. We know that in addition to your usually daily load, you will be delivering Christmas packages all month long which will add time to your day.

Thanks for keeping us afloat and for delivering the goods for Christmas too, all with a smile and good cheer.  Three cheers for Tim and Dave!


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