Date: 30/03/2023
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Our new adventure with Kansas Specialty Dog Services: Roomba

  AAHPA has a history of being a proud partner with the Kansas Specialty Dog Service ( and has recently embarked on yet another adventure!

  “Roomba” will be making Abilene & the Morton house his home for the next eighteen to twenty four months, after which he will go into advanced training to become a seeing eye dog, service dog or therapy dog- depending on his capabilities and personality.  Our job at AAHPA will be to teach him basic puppy obedience, house & public manners and to expose him to a variety of environments and situations that he will encounter with his partner in the future.

Roomba is currently about 12 weeks old.  He has been living with Susan & Dee Morton and their son Hunter since August 19th. So far he has been exposed to all the sights, smells, and sounds of a vet clinic plus camping, convenience stores and even a restaurant.  He is currently working on the command “Leave it!” since he has pretty much mastered “Sit.”

Every day is something new through his eyes and we look forward to sharing his milestones and hurdles with you!  Keep watching our blog for Roomba updates as he grows and learns. It is hard work, but we know from past experience that it will be worth the effort when he is placed with his service partner.

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