Frozen Semen

Semen can be collected and processed for freezing at Abilene Animal Hospital. However, the ability of an individual stallion's semen to undergo the freeze/thaw process is variable. Not all stallions are good candidates for the semen freezing process. A breeding soundness exam must first be performed on the stallion to ensure that he has good quality fresh semen. Then, a test freeze is performed which will put the semen through a freeze/thaw process and subsequent evaluation. If the stallion has an adequate post thaw motility of >30%, then further collections can be performed. We can store the frozen semen in our liquid nitrogen tanks indefinitely. In addition to storing the frozen semen, we can breed mares on site or ship the semen to other locations for breeding. It should be noted that mares bred with frozen semen require very close veterinary monitoring to insure that she is inseminated within a narrow window of ovulation.