Canine Frozen Semen Program

Welcome to the Abilene Animal Hospital Canine Frozen Semen Program. We are offer this service to owners and breeders who seek to optimize the reproductive potential and to extend the reproductive life of those special dogs.

Why is frozen semen technology important to owners of those special male dogs?

  • Many more litters are possible from genetically valuable dogs as multiple matings can be accomplished from a single collection.
  • Fertility of each mating can be maximized as exact timing of insemination with the reproductive cycle of the female is possible and it is possible to mate more than one female at the same time, a major limitation with natural breeding.
  • Domestic and international shipment of semen means neither the male or female must travel for mating.
  • The risk of infectious disease transmission during mating or exposure during travel is reduced.
  • Semen from dogs with conditions such as arthritis which prevent natural mating can be frozen and normal fertility is facilitated.
  • Preservation of semen while animals are young and healthy assures a reproductive future before old age or a terminal illness makes reproduction impossible.
  • Preserving of the unique and rare genetic makeup in certain animals or breeds is possible through frozen semen technology.
  • Highest fertility rates with cryo-preserved semen is accomplished through transcervical insemination or surgical insemination methods. We advise ovulation prediction methods to obtain the largest litter size and best fertility rate.

What are the requirements for my dog to enter this program?

  • A thorough physical examination prior to collection.
  • Semen collection and evaluation.
  • A current, negative brucellosis test (within the last 6 months) prior to collection.
  • A teaser female in season is not required but is most helpful in stimulating young, inexperienced males.
  • If these examinations are satisfactory and the semen is good to excellent quality we can freeze and then store the semen at the time of the initial evaluation.
  • DNA registration is required by the AKC and some other breed associations. If your dog is not currently registered we will collect, process and submit the necessary samples to the laboratory.

How does the semen freezing process work?

  • Semen is evaluated for motility, morphology and concentration. With these numbers we are able to determine if the semen is of adequate quality for freezing.
  • Semen is frozen in pellets the size of small peas which are stored in vials in liquid nitrogen.
  • Our freezing process allows us to make pellets (resembling the size of small peas) that are stored in vials in liquid nitrogen for storage.
  • After the freezing procedure is completed, a single pellet is thawed and evaluated for motility. Post-thaw motility should be consistent even after long periods of semen storage, years in most cases. Once the post-thaw motility is determined the actual number of effective doses is known. The owner of the dog can now estimate the number of breedings possible from the collection. Typically 2-4 breedings should be expected but more than 10 are possible.
  • The time required to complete this process is generally 2 hours from collection to final evaluation.

What happens to the semen once it is frozen and stored?

  • After semen is collected and frozen it is stored in liquid nitrogen for long-term preservation.
  • Semen can be stored in liquid nitrogen indefinitely and will generally retain the same post-thaw characteristics as the sample pellet which is examined and evaluated during the procedure.
  • We provide storage tanks identity preservation for the doses of semen until it is used for insemination or shipped to another destination.
  • We rent a dry shipper to you for transporting semen to the destination of your choice. Contact us for information on the costs for shipping and scheduling.
  • We complete the documentation required by the AKC and other breeding associations. Currently the AKC requires DNA registration of all stud dogs involved in the frozen semen program. Please call to be sure of the current requirement prior to collection.

How do I enroll my dog in this program and how much will it cost?

  • Contact us through this link and we will call you to answer these and additional questions you may have.