Lost Pets, Strays and Adoption Candidates

Lost Pets:

Abilene Animal Hospital is the holding facility for lost animals in the City of Abilene and Dickinson County.  We make every effort to contact owners of lost pets.  If your pet has a collar with a tag or even better, a microchip we will be able to contact you to reunite you with your pet sooner.  Both the City of Abilene and Dickinson County enforce dog at large policies so dogs that roam may end up in our facility.  Neither currently has a policy for cats at large, so we do not often receive stray cats.


Animals that are not claimed within 5 days of entering our facility are considered abandoned and become potential candidates for adoption.

Adoption Candidates:

Often stray or unwanted animals become available for adoption.  Our staff makes every effort to find suitable homes for them.  Please contact us if you are interested in adopting a stray or if you are looking for a particular kind of pet.

We frequently post photos of lost pets and adoption candidates on our Facebook page.  To see them, like "Abilene Animal Hospital" on Facebook.