Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is the process of transferring an embryo of a single donor mare into a surrogate mare that will carry the foal to term. This process requires that the donor mare be matched up with multiple recipient mares that are good candidates as surrogates. All of the mare's estrus cycles are synchronized with hormones so that the donor mare and at least one surrogate mare ovulate within a close window of each other. The donor mare is then bred at the appropriate time just prior to ovulation. Six to eight days after the donor mare ovulates, the embryo is flushed and placed into the uterus of an appropriate recipient mare. This process requires very close monitoring by a veterinarian until a pregnancy is determined and maintained through the first 50 days.

If you do not have any good candidates for recipient mares we can also flush the embryo from a donor mare and ship it overnight to a recipient herd at Colorado State University. The pregnancy rates for shipping an embryo are the same as an on site transfer.

Embryo transfer allows a mare to produce multiple foals per year. It is also a good option for mares that are unable to carry their own foal due to reproductive problems or other medical limitations. Some owners choose to perform embryo transfers on mares that are being shown and do not want a pregnancy to interfere with their campaign.