Picture of Dr. Lillich holding bulldog puppyAbilene is the heart of the greyhound industry in the United States. It is the home of the National Greyhound Association headquarters, the Greyhound Hall of Fame and the site for the spring and fall national meets. There are 44 greyhound farms in Abilene and the surrounding area, many of these dogs are nationally recognized as stakes winners and high profile breeding stock.

We appreciate the unique concerns of the breeding and racing greyhound, and strive to meet the needs of these high profile animals. Our hospital has been providing reproductive and sports injury care for the greyhound industry for over 20 years.

Our doctors and staff provide a wide assortment of special services for our greyhound clients including:

  • Picture of dog during eye surgeryProgesterone analysis and ovulation prediction to advance female fertility
  • Stud dog evaluation and semen cryopreservation services
  • Fresh and Frozen semen artificial insemination
  • Breeding soundness examinations and semen evaluations
  • Trancervical and surgical insemination techniques
  • Kennel management counseling including vaccination strategies
  • Internal and external parasite control programs
  • Full service medical and dental facilities
  • Lameness evaluation and fracture repair
  • Sports medicine diagnosis and treatment
  • Abilene VetMeds, a direct purchase program for medicines and supplies, is available to qualified members

We strive to maintain a close working relationship and frequent communication with all of our greyhound owners, breeders and handlers. We understand the special relationships our clients have with their unique dogs, and appreciate the knowledge they have of sports medicine.

Picture of pre-operative central tarsal bone fracture x-ray    Picture of post-operative central tarsal bone fracture x-ray
Central Tarsal Bone Fracture pre and post operative radiographs